Sociological perspectives – Education

Lesson objectiveTo explore evaluate interactionism
Lesson outcomes• Compare how they favour specific groups of people
• Evaluate the impact of them
• Explain what each perspective believes

In this section you will explore three governments post-1979, as well as the condition education, was in in 1979 itself.

In summary,

Conservatives (Margaret Thatcher) policies have attempted to improve standards by creating freedom in the sector – the overall conclusion, however, is that the gap between different groups of people widened with the rich getting a better education and the poor being left behind.

New Labour policies attempt to drive up standards also but through the concept of marketisation. Great improvement was made as greater exploration was seen through including ethnic and gender-based inequalities, not just economical.

The Coalition government (2010-2015) developed the marketisation policies making academisation compulsory. A great emphasis was placed on empowering teachers and returning to a more rigorous education system.

All these governments will be explored in more depth by using the menu. ​​

Below is a summary of what each perspective believes in educational policies. This should not be confused or amalgamated with their individual perspectives which were covered earlier on in the module. This relates specifically to educational policy. ​


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