School ethos and the hidden curriculum – Education

Lesson objectiveTo explore school ethos and the hidden curriculum in education
Lesson outcomes• Assess how the impact can vary from individual to individual
• Evaluate its significance
• Explain what School ethos and the hidden curriculum are

The ethos of a school relates to the school’s character. atmosphere and climate of a school. Take a look at different school’s ethos and values and see how they compare. Normally, values such as reward, academic success, social, moral, spiritually, cultural (SMSC), parent involvement etc. 

The hidden curriculum

The ethos controls what the content of the hidden curriculum is as well as certain elements of the formal curriculum. A school’s ethos is of utmost importance as it is a way of advertising to parents what is important to the school. Elements like attendance, punctuality, sports, attainment all play a part. The hidden curriculum is not a standardised element (where every student in every school has the same experience. Certain parts of the hidden curriculum are standardised such as attainment since all schools are competing for the best results e.g. GCSE’s. Naturally, different perspectives view this hidden curriculum as being either positive or negative. 

Rutter et al.

Rutter et al in their book 15 thousand hours: Secondary Schools and their Effects on children stated that there are key aspects of a school’s organisation: 

  • Teachers are their preparation.
  • The high expectations of students and their performance.
  • Teachers are role models. 
  • There is a good rewards system which is effective.
  • Teachers are interested in the pupil’s lives.
  • The school ethos is effective.

Student’s are supported as well as stretched. ​

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